The Campaign:  Principles

  1. We support efforts to curb the growing public health threat of antibiotic resistance by reducing the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in both agriculture and human medicine.
  2. We support a ban on the use in healthy farm animals of antibiotics used in human medicine or closely related to human drugs.
  3. We support efforts to promote sustainable agricultural production methods that provide alternatives to the use of antibiotics in healthy farm animals.
  4. We urge companies involved in the production and marketing of meat, poultry and fish (livestock producers, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.) to voluntarily agree to stop using, buying, or selling products produced with using antibiotics other than for the purpose of treating sick animals.
  5. We support efforts to educate patients and doctors about the prudent use of antibiotics, including the importance of prescribing them only for bacterial infections and of taking the entire course of the drug.
  6. We support the creation of a nationwide system to collect objective, verifiable data on the production and use of antibiotics in both human medicine and animal agriculture, and to make that information available to the public.
  7. We affirm the importance of ongoing collection of data at the state and federal levels on antibiotic residues and antibiotic resistance, including antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant bacteria both on food and in surface and ground waters.

Organizations of health professionals and public interest groups are invited to endorse these principles. Endorsing them does not entail joining the Campaign, but rather simply indicates support for the principles as stated.