Keep Antibiotics Working has developed a number of fact sheets and informational resources on the overuse of antibiotics in healthy animals.

For a general overview of the issue, see Antibiotic Resistance and Animal Agriculture and Antibiotic Resistance - An Emerging Public Health Crisis. Read The Facts on the Animal Use of Antibiotics in Agriculture to learn more in-depth information about this public health threat.

Frequently Asked Questions discusses the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture.

Myths and Facts about Denmark's Growth Promoter Bandiscusses the steps Denmark has taken to reduce antibiotic use and the implications for the US.

MRSA (ST 398): A New Resistant Disease From Animalscovers how MRSA can be related to food animal production.

Antibiotic Resistant Foodborne Pathogens - Intensifying the Food Safety Crisis explains the connection between antibiotic resistant pathogens and the food safety crisis.